Clinical Psychology

Paromita Mitra Bhaumik has been successfully working in the field of clinical psychology for the last 20 years.

. A registered psychologist (Reg. no:A 04832) with the Rehabilitation Council of India.And a life associate member of Indian Psychiatric Association ,She is educated at Calcutta university (NATIONAL SCHOLAR)and NIMHANS,Bangalore,as well as Trained in London under prof Stephen Palmer,at the institute of stress management Greenwich. She is the Founder- Director of the Anubhav Positive Psychology Clinic in Kolkata, and has worked as a visiting consultant at several of the city’s most reputed clinics. She is presently associated with Bellevue Clinic, Shri aurobindo seva Kendra ( EEDF ) in Kolkata, in her capacity as a visiting psychologist. Her clinical work includes assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for depression, anxiety, behavioural problems, suicide prevention and treatment of  substance abuse. She is an expert with both adults and children, as well as an experienced family therapist. She also conducts skills enhancement and personal effectiveness.

At Anubhav Clinic

At Cairo Psychiatric Hospital ,
Abbasia- with Dr Mustaffa


At Anubhav

At Singapore, Institute of Mental Health

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